Being realistic is a must when you enter a casino.  It is expected that you only gamble if you have extra cash.  If you have money to spare for entertainment, you may use it in a casino.  Here’s how to gamble while managing the cash you brought for the night.

Forget you have an ATM

Just use the cash you brought.  Stay within a safe distance from ATMs.  Keep your credit and debit cards out of sight for the moment.  You don’t want to overspend and that is your goal.

Set a limit

Before you even go to the casino, you must have planned everything including a threshold for spending.  So when you are running out of cash in your pockets, use it as a signal to call it a night.  You also set a limit on the number of hours you are to stay in the casino.  Stick to that time limit and avoid staying longer than you planned.

Don’t borrow money

Don’t ever think of borrowing money to play some more.  Quit when your pocket money is gone.