With the increasing popularity in sports betting, it is clear to state that sports betting is a growing and dynamic industry. Betting is a statistical game, and fans are more willing to put their money where their mouth is in support of their teams. This makes the game more thrilling and enjoyable. Some individuals have converted the betting scene into a source of livelihood because they have become probability experts. An individual needs to understand the rules of the game, the terms and conditions of the betting sites, and the probability of winning, what the betting community term as odds. Here are some of the popular and easy games to bet and why.


Soccer is a trendy sport with the number of fans approximating to almost 4 Billion globally. Soccer inspires; it brings people together. Therefore, more people will prefer betting on soccer games. Soccer fans are loyal fans, and they sure would not mind spending a few cents to prove their loyalty. The possible outcomes in a soccer game are three, a home win, a draw or an away win. This minimizes the chances of one losing money when betting as the likely options are limited. Although betting companies have come up with various other ways of betting in a game like the possible outcome by halftime, or which player is most likely to score the first goal, football betting has never been easier and more predictable. In addition, more football betting sites are offering promotions, discounts, and are even allowing for cashback making football betting more enticing.


Basketball has grown its popularity in recent years, with games such as the NBA attracting millions of fans. Basketball betting is popular due to its competitive odds, bonuses, quick payouts, in-play sports betting, and the diversity of the game in terms of betting (see victoriahighlandersfc.com). In-play betting or live betting brings more thrill to the game. Their odds are much higher than the normal odds because the game is unpredictable. The scoring system in basketball is not as definite as football; basketball has two scoring systems, the two-point, and the three-point. This makes the game more exciting as a losing team can easily make a comeback.


Tennis is not as popular as the games mentioned above. It, however, provides an avenue where sports fans can bet easily and make significant profits. It is preferred as there are only two likely outcomes, a win for player A or B. There are no draws in the tennis games, and odds associated with each player are considerably higher than in other sports. An individual can follow tournaments and thus easily predict the winning player.

Other honorable mentions include boxing, American football, Martial Arts, Athletics, Horse Racing and Golf.