Soccer is a sport enjoyed all across the world. It is also a popular sport to wager money on. With over three billion fans the betting interest in soccer is quite large. Mostly, this is due to the straightforward nature of the wagers and how simple it is to gain general knowledge of the sport. As with other sports, there are a variety of wagers to be made on the outcome of a given soccer match. This is why it behooves any gambler to have at least a basic knowledge of what these bets entail. Here are the top three soccer bets you should wager on.


Full Time Result


The Full Time Result is by far the easiest bet to make on soccer and is offered by most sports betting sites, for example 메이저놀이터. It is a straightforward wager on the outcome of a match. There are three choices you can make described as win-draw-win. So, if Liverpool is facing Manchester you can wager that either Liverpool will win, the two teams will draw, or Manchester will win. It does not matter by how many points a team wins by or the exact score at the end of the game. You are betting on the outcome.


Full Time Result is a good bet because it reduces the odds giving players a better chance to win. All you have to know is each of the team’s stats and projections on the outcome of the match. This can clue you into which of the three wagers is the best bet. As with anything there will be a favorite and a longshot. There are variations to this bet like Double Chance and the Draw No Bet. Double Chance allows you to wager on two choices and is a much safer gamble to make. Draw No Bet is just as safe as you only wager on which team will win. In the event of a draw you do not lose any money.


Correct Score


Correct Score is a harder bet to make. As its name signifies the wager is on the exact score at the end of the match. This bet carries a lot more risk than a Full Time Result. An example would be Chelsea 1-0. This means Chelsea will win the game with one point and their opponent will not score at all. Correct Score bets carry a higher payout which is what makes them popular.


Half Time Result


Half Time Result is another easy bet to make and a companion of the Full Time Result. It is a wager on who will be winning at half time. It has the same win-draw-win setup. Many gamblers will choose to group Half Time and Full Time together as they stand to make more money.